God's Will

"Preparing for the Promise" - Tim Mannin

Many of us find ourselves wandering in life and unsure of God’s plan and our future. So, what is it that prepared Joshua to step into the promise after 40 yeas of wandering? He was encouraged to be strong and courageous, but it took more than just that. Often before we experience the promise we walk through God’s intentional preparation. (Joshua 1:1-11)

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"Jesus Is For You" - Tim Mannin

Jesus. He changed everything about everything (Week 16) Jesus is for you and has never stopped believing in you, even if you've stopped believing in yourself. This morning's message focuses on Jesus encountering Peter in the midst of his failure and pursuing him. He heals our shame, changes our focus, and gives us a new direction. (John 21:15-22, 22:55-62)

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"God's Will Isn't So Hard" - Tim Mannin

1 John: Love Conquers All (Part 10) Have you ever wondered if you're doing God's will? How do we discern this? We treat God as though he is a traffic cop at the intersections of life, but following His will is more like He is the sculptor shaping us in to who we are called to be. His will is that we would hear and listen to His voice. (1 John 5, Rom. 12:1-2, Matt. 22:35, 1 Thes. 5:16-18) 

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