JUNE 30 | 11 AM

We are instructed in scriptures to publicly profess and celebrate our salvation through Baptism. This step of obedience and faith is so good for every follower of Jesus to do. If you have questions about baptism, would like to get baptized, or have a child who is ready for baptism please sign up and we'll follow up and talk with you about it.


1. What do we believe?

We believe that baptism is a step of obedience every follower of Jesus should make. It is not required for salvation or a replacement of it. We believe any person old enough to make the choice to follow Jesus and make him Lord can be baptized. Baptism is considered a sacrament of the church (similar to communion), in which baptism is a sacred act symbolizing the resurrected life we have in Jesus!


2. How it practically works?

We have a portable baptistry that we set up in our sanctuary. It works fantastic and is a small heated pool one can easily get in and out of. During a baptism service we typically have several people who participate, so you will be in good company. When you sign up we'll walk you through the detailed instructions (which are very simple). In other words there is dWe plan our baptism services with a lot of worship and celebration - it's an amazing time.


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