Revival Starts Within

"Hitting The Wall" - Tim Mannin

Revival Starts Within (Week 6) In our faith journey we will eventually “hit a wall.” It may be a wall of exhaustion, tragedy, doubt, or hurt; but God will use the wall to draw us deeper into more of Him. The journey inward leads to breakthrough. This morning we also hear a story of miraculous healing and breakthrough in the life of Caryn Knight. (Heb. 10:23-25, Is. 43:19, Ps. 119:105-112)

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"You're Missing It" - Tim Mannin

Revival Starts Within (Week 2) So many of us are missing what God has made available! We are way too busy and moving too fast and as a result we’re living in ruts instead of spiritual rhythms. In this message we explore slowing down, getting honest about what’s happening within ourselves, and learning to “stop and smell the roses.” (Gen 2:1-2, Mk 6:7-34, Deut 1:6-8)

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"Heart & Soul" - Tim Mannin

Revival Starts Within (Week 1) The great moves of God always begin WITHIN people as he stirs up desires more of Himself. This week we begin a new teaching series about the ways and rhythms of being a person who longs for more of God. This journey begins in our heart and soul. (Dan 6:1-27, Pro 4:23, Gen 2:7, Mat 22:37-38). Download teaching slides via website.

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