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We are excited to sponsor and host a fundraiser for Classen School of Advanced Studies. Classen SAS is an OKC Public School for 6th - 12th grade students. One of the unique features of the school is that over half of the student body is involved in some form of Fine Arts (vocal performance, band/ orchestra, dance, drama, visual arts, photography, etc).

On December 9th, we are sponsoring the Classen SAS Winter Showcase. This means that we are going to serve and help Classen SAS with their showcase event as well as work to create an effective fundraiser to support the Fine Arts programs at Classen SAS. Many of us are familiar with the funding crises that OKC Public Schools are facing. Most of the basic costs of running things like fine arts and sports programs are now up to the teachers and students to raise funds in order to keep the programs going.


  • Date: Saturday December 9th, 2017
  • Ticket Cost: $25 per person - Order Online Coming Soon
  • TIMES:
    Matinee Pre-Show: 12:30pm at OKC Community
    Matinee Main Show: 2:00pm at Tower Theatre
    Evening Pre-Show: 5:30pm at OKC Community
    Evening Main Show: 7:00pm at Tower Theatre
  • PRE-SHOW will be held in the OKC Community space and will be a visual art show displaying Classen SAS student work. There will also be additional pre-show performances, drinks, and food.
  • MAIN SHOW will be held in the Tower Theater and will showcase of the deep talent of Classen SAS students.

We want to serve the schools as well as build relationships with the schools (faculty, students and their families). For this event, OKC Community is helping take this event to a new level and maximize the funds raised by covering all the overhead costs of renting the Tower Theater, providing PR, hospitality costs, etc...

We also need tons volunteers to serve behind the scenes and make this event a huge success!
Please sign up below and choose a time that you can serve.

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We are participating in the Rally4Schools program that connects churches and businesses to local schools to support athletic programs. The 2017-18 school year is our second year to work with the Northwest Classen Boys Basketball team. We are supporting them this season by providing pre-game meals, attending games, and meeting various needs of the team.

Our hope is to be servants to our schools and advocates of the students themselves by showing them that their community is behind them!
If you're interested in being on the team to help purchase or prepare food, deliver food to the team, or serve this cause in any way. Sign up and we'll get back to you with the details!


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